My name is Desislav Kamenov but for short Desi.  I’m 34 years old, enjoying a happy family life in Sofia, Bulgaria.  My free time is occupied by my family, swimming, reading and last but not least – video games. My PS4 is always on standby while my laptop is locked and loaded with at least 2 games.

I used to live in London, UK and  I still keep visiting it for business every now and then – awesome place! Traveling is something we should never stop doing as this broadens our horizons and meets us with new people.

Technology has been part of my life since young age and I have followed that path through out my whole life so far. Graduated as bachelor of Automation in Technical University of Sofia and specialised in Robotics. Then worked for a few technology and payments companies and now I’m an entrepreneur partnering in two startups as Chief Technology Officer. My experience goes from infrastructure and software development through solution architecture, business analysis to people and general management.

The idea for this blog came in a conversation with my wife about an elegant image processing solution I have come up with during the day. Generally I stumble upon interesting things and as chief techie I have to research and find solutions to different things almost every day, so I believe I can be of help to the community by sharing my ideas, findings and experience. So if you like an article, please spread the word – Be Social, Share and Connect!

The title “De si?” is a bit of a words game as “Desi” split to “De si” means “Where are you” in Bulgarian.

P.S. I would happily accept guest posts, if they are related to technology, so please get in touch through social networks.

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